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Posted on April 6, 2015 in Projects & Articles

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Science Project Display/Exhibit Idea Page

Here are a few ideas that might be useful when you create your science fair exhibit.

  • The project you have chosen will basically stem from a question.
  • Research and learn key ideas and vocabulary.
  • Have a theory or an idea of the outcome.
  • Keep good records of what you did.
  • Document carefully from beginning to end.(write down, take photos, etc)
  • Record what happened and be able to answer questions.
  • Then publish your results even if it didn’t turn out the way you anticipated.

*You can expect to be signing up for table space and will need to limit the size of your display to possibly less than 36 inches wide and 36 inches deep. A basic card-table size is a good goal.

*Most exhibits utilize a “backboard” which is a large rectangle of cardboard which you can fold into a 3-sided backboard on which you can glue paste or tape with doubled tape your “text” and image labels. You can locate a sheet of cardboard and fold “wings” that will allow this to stand upright. Or you can purchase this cardboard from a specialty store like a stationery store. Cover with self sticking paper, paint or cover with construction paper using a solid color that will contrast wih font/text print and backgrounds.

*On your computer type out and print your “question” or theory, what you did, what happened, observations, etc., and your summary. Use LARGE, colorful and easy to read font. Make charts or images, photos, and drawings to help pull it together. Check for spelling. Yours…not mine! 😉

*Cut out your “text blocks” and images using pattern scissors for a nice look and place on your background. Arrange them until you are happy with the results before taping, or gluing. Try positiong these slanted at angles and in level positions to see what effect you like best.

*If your project involves moisture you might think about laminating your signage and bring paper towels for clean-ups.

*A table cloth on your table space using a color to match your back-board or text print can make your exhibit look good.

*On the table top nested in the tri of your backboard you will have space to place any solid objects that pertain to your exhibit.

*SAFETY Make sure your project/exhibit/experiment will be a safe one concerning the public; participants as well as spectators.

*Be there…meaning stay near your exhibit in order to answer questions and protect your display from inquiring hands. When you wish to wander and see the other children’s exhibits make sure you leave a responsible person to guard.

*Bring a camera! Get someone to take a photo of you next to your exhibit! You have created something to be proud of!

SAFETY -some things to consider when doing a science project with your kids:


sharp objects
inflammable substances such as gasoline
dangerous chemicals & iffy combinations of


always have a parent or other responsible grownup assist
always clearly label any containers
never touch chemicals with bare hands
do not allow chemicals to come into contact with skin, eyes or food items.
clean up your work and exhibit areas